​​Before The Treatment

Do not take Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen.

Avoid coffee, alcohol or energy drinks.

Do not tint your brows.

No tanning or sunbathing 3 days before treatment.

No chemical peels, dermabrasion or any other intense treatments 2 weeks before treatment. (This will cause skin cells to rejuvenate faster which will result in skin irritation)

Wash your hair before the treatment. (You will not be able to have direct contact with water on the area for 5 days)


No water or any other liquids on the eyebrow area for 5 days.

(Even a drop of water can cause it to scab, we want to avoid scabbing as much as possible) (If water, sweat or any thing else gets on your brows in the first 5 days, gently wipe with an alcohol wipe)

If itching or dryness occurs, you can use a small amount of coconut oil or grape seed oil on the brow area. (please avoid doing this for the first 5 days, after the first 5 days you can do this twice daily)

After 10 days, you can use a gentle soap or non-greasy cleaner to keep your brows clean.

Do not use any other ointments, or creams with vitamins or antibiotics on brows.

No sunbathing, peels, dermabrasion or botox for 4 weeks.

Do not use any makeup, creams, tanning products on the brow area for 10 days.

No scratching, touching or sleeping on your brows for at least 4 weeks.

Avoid sweating for 10 days. (If sweat gets on to the area it can cause infection, please wipe with alcohol)

No vaseline or petroleum jelly during your healing period. ​(can cause crusting, scabbing and sweating so the skin is not able to breathe)

It's normal to see a little bit of flaking.

Before your micropigmentation appointment with us, please have a good read at the following form

1. Client Consent Form

How long do the results last?

Approximately 18 months, colour boosts are recommended yearly to retain shape.

Do you remove the natural brow hairs?

This technique allows us to work through your natural brow hairs, therefore not needing to remove them like some other techniques. The only natural hairs getting removed will be the odd ones out side of the chosen shape.

Is it painful?

It can be uncomfortable and everyone responds differently to the procedure. ​Some clients experience little to no discomfort with correct numbing, Others describe it as a scratching feeling. I ask that all of my clients purchase a numbing cream from the pharmacy and apply it to the area 1 hour and again 30 minutes before they come in. I will also use an anaesthetic gel during the procedure that will help with discomfort and bleeding.

Can this be done while pregnant?

It is not recommended that you have this procedure done while pregnant. Your pain tolerance will be much lower which could cause stress and a high blood pressure. If your doctor/midwife is happy for you to go ahead with the procedure, you must provide a medical certificate. While pregnant, numbing creams cannot be used, there for resulting in an uncomfortable procedure.

Can this be done with no present brow hairs? Yes, we can measure and design you some eyebrows, even with no existing hair.

How long is the recovery time?

There is little recovery time and comes down to how well you heal. After the procedure, the brow area will be red and slightly swollen, after a few hours the redness and swelling will disappear. (It may look as though you have just had your brows waxed) After approximately 5 days some eyebrows can get a bit of scab on them, however most just a small amount of flakiness.

Can this be done over old tattoo?

In most cases Yes, if the old tattoo is black it may not be as successful.

What colour's are available?

There are many colours available, from dark blonde to black., We will choose a colour that matches your skin tone and hair colour for the first session. If by the 2nd session you feel you would like your brows darker, we will use the shade up from the previous.

What is involved in a consultation?

A medical history form needs to be filled out, in order to make sure this procedure is appropriate for you. A consent form needs to be signed to make sure you understand the procedure, its results & risks.

Before commencing the procedure, the technician of choice will consult with the client to find out exactly what they would like to achieve with their brows. The technician will then do measurements on the clients face in order to confirm exactly where the brows should start, finish and where the arches should sit for the clients face shape. The technician will then hand draw the shape, keeping in mind what the client wants to achieve and what the technician feels will suit the clients features. Only when the client is 100% happy with the shape is when the Feather Touch procedure will commence Once the shape is selected we will apply a few shades of pigment on your skin to determine the correct colour.

Is one session enough?

No, to complete the procedure, you must have 2 full sessions. The 2nd session is more successful then the 1st session. Without the 2nd session, the microblading done in the 1st session can completely fade off, or become patchy and uneven.

How long after the 1st session, is the 2nd session?

Approximately 4 weeks. Your eyebrows need to be completely healed in order to proceed with the 2nd session. Ideally the 2nd session needs to be done within 6 weeks of the 1st session. ​Leaving the 2nd session for any longer then 6 weeks, may result in needing a 3rd session.

Are there any pre-existing conditions that interfere with consideration for a Microblading treatment?


Breastfeeding (treatment is possible, though anesthetic will not be possible)

On keloids or if you have tendency to keloid, birthmarks or moles.


Serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders (doctor's note is required)

Circulatory disorders (doctor's note is required)

Any bleeding disorders (doctor's note is required)

You're taking blood thinning medication

Currently on Accutane or other strong retinoids (must wait until 6 months after treatment ends)

If any skin diseases symptoms or irritation appears on the area.

You've recently had Botox or Disport treatment (must wait 2 months)


You have a broken capillary in the eyebrows area

If you have a sunburn.

After waxing (must wait 3 days)

After chemical peels (must wait two weeks)